Thursday, December 29, 2022


When I became a disciple, the so-called ‘Prosperity Gospel’ was largely limited to the fringes of the Charismatic Movement. Today, it is everywhere and an integral part of the ‘Word of Faith’ body of teaching that dominates so many church organizations. When I first heard of it, I assumed such an obvious moneymaking scam would never last, let alone conquer the entire Charismatic World. Well, so much for my prophetic abilities!

We have reached the point where the ‘Word of Faith’ ideology not only monopolizes the Charismatic Movement but also defines it. Indeed, it is the chief cause of the demise of a once great move of God.

Church Ruins - Photo by Elisabeth Arnold on Unsplash
[Photo by Elisabeth Arnold on Unsplash]

The classic Pentecostal doctrines of separation from the world, holiness, and “death to self” have become outdated if not something alien, teachings that are no longer welcome in Spirit-filled congregations.

I do not care how much personal wealth anyone might accumulate in this endeavor. They “have their reward.” However, I fear for them since God is just and zealous for His flock. His judgment may linger as He allows time for repentance, but He will not delay forever while the wolves devour His sheep.

The real-life issue is the hurt being inflicted on Christians and the harm done to the cause of Christ. I understand the appeal of this false teaching. Who does not desire wealth and security, success in business and marriage, and the discovery and fulfillment of one’s “personal destiny”?

Nevertheless, this is a message focused on self, a narcissistic false “gospel” that is incompatible with the exhortations of Jesus to “deny yourself daily and take up the Cross.”

Are we not all “unprofitable servants” who only do what is our duty? Sadly, not only are many working for “perishing meat,” but they expend energy as they pursue even more of the same. The Word of God may endure forever, but the same cannot be said for money, real estate, political power, fame, or fortune. Televangelists! Enjoy your million-dollar homes while they last!

These hucksters are proclaiming another gospel and a different Jesus. They serve a false god, namely, Mammon.  How many sinners have turned their hearts against the gospel after hearing their silly sales pitches on the Trinity Broadcasting Network or “Christian” radio?

The apparent success of the “Prosperity Gospel” has certainly surprised me, though I do not understand how wealth and good health are seen as signs of God’s blessing. The world has seen many wealthy and otherwise successful men come and go who were anything but Christian. “What concord has Christ with Belial?

The day is coming when we will find these “preachers” among the most deceived and pitiful of all Christians. They need our prayers. Judgment MUST begin at the House of God. Nevertheless, did not Paul warn us that deceivers would come and scratch our itching ears with “doctrines of demons”?

There is the rub! “False prophets” and “false anointed ones” succeed because they tell us what we want to hear. We desire wealth, stability, and lives free of anxiety, but lasting “wealth” is found only in Jesus, and we overcome our anxiety when we walk by faith rather than sight.

We must not forget the warnings recorded in the New Testament of the dire consequences that will befall all those who fleece God’s sheep - sooner or later. Unfortunately, the corruption of the Gospel and the now former Charismatic Movement is precisely what the ‘Word of Faith’ deception has achieved.

Finally, this movement continues to welcome new deceptions, including practices adapted from the world of the Occult, so that it has become a very different and unrecognizable animal from what it was only a half-century ago.

  • Serpents in the Assembly - (The Spirit of Antichrist works to destroy the Body of Christ from within, especially through deceivers and false teachers)
  • Let him be accursed! - (If a prophet or even an angel from heaven deviates from or perverts the original Gospel, he or she is quite possibly doomed for destruction)