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  1. Seasonal Soothsayers - {PDF Copy} - (The practice of divining God’s will and the future from the Hebrew calendar has no basis in the teachings of the New Testament)
  2. Rudimentary Things - {PDF Copy} - (The practice of diving future insight from the calendar has no basis in Scripture)
  3. In the Year 2022 - {PDF Copy} - (Not only are Christians resorting to occult practices, but some are also turning the Bible itself into a tool of divination)
  4. Signs! Wonders! Deception? - {PDF Copy} - (Claims that God will reap a great harvest of souls through mighty “signs and wonders” do not square with Scripture)
  5. The Last Generation shuffle - {PDF Copy} - (The Prophecy industry has been telling us for generations that we are the “last generation” that will live to see the return of Jesus)
  6. Star Gazers and Monthly Prognosticators - {PDF Copy} - (Why are so many church leaders seeking to divine God’s will and the future by using astrology and calendrical calculations?)
  7. Lion or Lamb? A Charismatic Deception - {PDF Copy} - (The Church and the Gospel of Jesus belong to no nation or culture of this present age)
  8. Prosperity for All - {PDF Copy} - (The Prosperity Gospel is what defines the Charismatic Movement of North America)
  9. Date-Setters and Estimators - {PDF Copy} - (After decades of failed predictions and expectations, the question begs an answer:  When has the Prophecy Industry got one right?)
  10. Clever Imitation - {PDF Copy} - (The “beast from the earth” mimics the Lamb and presents a counterfeit of the true faith)
  11. Babylonian Territory - {PDF Copy} - (The so-called “seven mountains of culture” is part of Babylon’s domain, but God is summoning His children to come out of her before it is too late)
  12. Rudimentary Deceptions - {PDF Copy} - (The popular practice of forecasting the future and diving God’s plans from the calendar is not biblical)
  13. Spiritual Degeneration - {PDF Copy} - (Many segments of the church have lost their way in the pursuit of false spirituality, with some even turning to the occult)
  14. Mistaken Prophets? - {PDF Copy} - (In 2020, the world witnessed significant prophetic failures by the so-called “Prophetic Movement,” only the latest in a long history of failed predictions)

Ringmaster Photo by Mark Williams on Unsplash
Ringmaster Photo by Mark Williams on Unsplash