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  1. The Goal of the Church - {PDF Copy} - (Jesus has tasked his disciples with proclaiming the Good News of GOD’s Kingdom in and to every nation on the Earth – Romans 3:22-30)
  2. Life for the Nations - {PDF Copy} - (The Gospel of the kingdom of God announced by Jesus is a message of life for men and women of every nation and people)
  3. Only SOME Nations? - {PDF Copy} - (Is the Gospel of the Kingdom of God a message of hope for only SOME nations, or is it Good News for all nations and peoples?)
  4. Gender and Spirituality - {PDF Copy} - (The genuinely spiritual man or woman understands that God’s power, wisdom, and nature are revealed in the preaching of a crucified messiah)
  5. The Danger Within - {PDF Copy} -(The Greatest threat to the church of Jesus is posed by the deceivers who propagate false doctrines and misleading information in the church)
  6. Rebuilding the Middle Wall - {PDF Copy} - (Why are church leaders determined to rebuild the "middle wall of partition" between Jew and Gentile?)
  7. An Idolatrous Conceit - {PDF Copy} - (‘Christendom’ is the idolatrous tactic of invoking God and Jesus to validate national and political institutions, agendas, and ideologies)
  8. What Satan Fears - {PDF Copy} - (What threatens the Devil’s plans is a church conformed to the Cross of Christ that trembles at God’s word)
  9. Destiny and Purpose - {PDF Copy} - (At the end of the day, all we are no more than unprofitable slaves in the household of God)
  10. Let Him Slay Me - {PDF Copy} - (Though He slays me yet will I trust in him, and I will maintain my ways before him)
  11. He Removes Kings - {PDF Copy} - (Yahweh, the God of Israel, changes the times and seasons, removes kings, and sets up kings as He to achieve His purposes)
  12. American Revival? - {PDF Copy} - (When did the gospel of Jesus Christ become all about the United States of America?)
  13. Mercy, Loopholes and Sand - {PDF Copy} - (We deceive ourselves when we seek and even create loopholes in the harder sayings of Jesus)
  14. No Middle Ground - {PDF Copy} - (In Revelation, humanity is divided into two and only two groups – followers of the Lamb or subjects of the Beast)
  15. Apostolic Credentials - {PDF Copy} - (In contrast to his opponents, Paul points to the things he suffered for the gospel to validate his apostolic authority)
  16. A Female Apostle? - {PDF Copy} - (It is unclear whether Paul’s reference to a Junias who was of note among the apostles was a man or a woman)
  17. Tyrants and Populists - {PDF Copy} - (God allows evil rulers to govern nations and uses them to accomplish His purposes, and He summons believers to show them due respect)

  1. Ignoring Scripture - {PDF Copy} - (Was the Apostle Paul serious when he wrote that church elders must be above reproach?)
  2. Even an Angel - {PDF Copy} - (If a prophet or even an “angel from heaven” contradicts the original gospel, run for your life!)
  3. Mysteries Revealed - {PDF Copy} - (All God’s mysteries are revealed in Jesus Christ, especially in his death and resurrection)
  4. Stand Fast in the Tradition - {PDF Copy} - (To avoid deception and apostasy believers must cling to the apostolic traditions)
  5. Famine for the Word of God - {PDF Copy} - (The contemporary church is plagued by famine for hearing the words of God, but one that is a self-inflicted wound)

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