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  1. The Shining City - {PDF Copy} - (Contrary to the claims of politicians and far too many church leaders, Jesus is the only light able to illuminate this dark world)
  2. The Recurring Empire - {PDF Copy} - (Babylon is both a historical kingdom and the symbol of the repeated rise of the World Empire)
  3. Calvary or Rome? - {PDF Copy} - (When offered by Satan, Jesus refused the political power of Rome. So, why do we continue to seek what he rejected?)
  4. Idolizing Caesar - {PDF Copy} - (The World Empire’s propagandists encourage men and women to give allegiance to and idolize Caesar, the Beast from the Sea)
  5. Usurping God - {PDF Copy} - (The submission of Jesus to an unjust death stands in stark contrast to the political systems and ideologies of this world)
  6. The Ancient Empire - {PDF Copy} - (Imperial arrogance is the legacy of the Tower of Babel incident, humanity’s first but not last attempt at building the Dragon’s great World Empire)
  7. Allegiance to Whom? - {PDF Copy} - (In Revelation, every man must choose between loyalty to the Beast from the Sea or the sacrificial Lamb)
  8. Excusing Sin - {PDF Copy} - (Why do church leaders excuse lying, adultery, and other serious sins when committed by their favorite political allies?)
  9. Fleeting Power - {PDF Copy} - (Only God’s kingdom will prevail and endure in the end. All other political powers are transitory. Already they are passing away)
  10. His Path - {PDF Copy} - (Jesus proclaimed a new political reality, the Kingdom of God, one that bears little resemblance to the political regimes of this world)
  11. The Ancient Empire - {PDF Copy} - (The Beast of Revelation is the embodiment of the ancient imperial power that has stalked the saints since the fall of Adam)
  12. Disciples Must Choose - {PDF Copy} - (Humanity is divided into two and only two groups – The followers of the Lamb and the subjects of the Beast)
  13. Whomever He Pleases! - {PDF Copy} - (Yahweh, the God of Israel, changes the times and seasons, removes kings, and sets up kings as He to achieve His purposes)
  14. An Idolatrous Conceit - {PDF Copy} - (‘Christendom’ is the idolatrous tactic of invoking God and Jesus to validate national and political institutions, agendas, and ideologies)
  15. Caesar or Calvary? - {PDF Copy} - (Satan offered Jesus unlimited political power for his messianic mission if only he accepted the Devil as his overlord)
  16. My Rights or His Cross - {PDF Copy} - (Following Jesus means a life of self-denial and service, and a willingness to suffer persecution and loss for his sake)
  17. Which Kingdom? - {PDF Copy} -(The message of Jesus centers on the “Kingdom of God,” a political system that bears little resemblance to the kingdoms of this world)
  18. One Beast - {PDF Copy} - (In Daniel and Revelation, the Beast is a single entity that has existed since the dawn of human history)

Ala Spit, Whidbey Island, by David Maas
[Ala Spit, Whidbey Island, by David Maas]