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  1. Recognizing Jesus - {PDF Copy} - (In Mark’s gospel, only at his death did a Roman centurion who was present at his execution recognize who Jesus was Mark 10:45)
  2. Did Jesus Triumph? - {PDF Copy} - (Did Jesus triumph and begin his messianic reign at his death and resurrection, or is he waiting for some future event to do so?)
  3. Counterfeit Jesus - {PDF Copy} - (“If any man preaches any gospel other than that which you received from us, let him be accursed)
  4. The Slain Lamb - {PDF Copy} - (Jesus fulfills the role of the "Lion of Judah" as the sacrificial "Lamb")
  5. Who is the Light of the World? - {PDF Copy} - (Contrary to the claims of politicians and some church leaders, Jesus is the “light of the world,” not any nation or political ideology)
  6. The Devil's Kryptonite - {PDF Copy} - (What Satan fears most is Christ crucified and a people conformed to that pattern that will follow him wherever he goes)
  7. Signs and Wonders or Christ Crucified? - {PDF Copy} - (Claims that God will reap a great harvest of souls because of the mighty “signs and wonders” the church will perform do not square with Scripture)
  8. God's Real Power and Wisdom - {PDF Copy} - (God’s Power and Wisdom are revealed in Christ Crucified, not in mighty signs and wonders)
  9. Preaching a Different Jesus - {PDF Copy} - (Is Jesus still the “slain Lamb,” or has he become the “roaring” Lion of Judah out to exact payback on his enemies?)
  10. Mystery Revealed - {PDF Copy} - (All God’s mysteries are revealed in Jesus Christ, especially in his death and resurrection)

Cross seaside - Photo by Soul devOcean on Unsplash
Photo by Soul devOcean on Unsplash