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  1. The Unwelcome Messiah - {PDF Copy} - (The Messiah and King of Israel is recognized and understood only in his self-sacrificial death for others, including his enemies)
  2. The True Emperor - {PDF Copy} - (Messianic promises from the Psalms are applied to the PRESENT reign of Jesus who possesses all authority in Heaven and on Earth)
  3. God is Speaking in Jesus - {PDF Copy} - (God is speaking His definitive word in His Son. All previous words spoken in the prophets were preparatory, promissory, and partial)
  4. Recognizing Jesus - {PDF Copy} - (In Mark, only at his death did the Roman centurion who was present at his execution recognize who Jesus was – Mark 10:45)
  5. Underestimating Jesus - {PDF Copy} - (In the Book of Revelation, the kings and nations of the Earth are found in New Jerusalem because of the redeeming work of the Lamb)
  6. Did Jesus Triumph? - {PDF Copy} - (Did Jesus triumph and begin his messianic reign at his death and resurrection, or is he waiting for some future event to do so?)
  7. Counterfeiting Jesus - {PDF Copy} - (“If any man preaches any gospel other than that which you received from us, let him be accursed)
  8. The Lamb Reigns - {PDF Copy} - (The sacrificial Lamb overcomes and reigns from the Divine Throne, not the roaring Lion)
  9. What Satan Fears - {PDF Copy} - (What threatens the Devil’s plans is an Assembly conformed to the Cross of Christ that trembles at God’s word)
  10. Superpowers or Calvary? - {PDF Copy} - (The cross of Christ will conquer the world, not political might or stupendous signs and wonders)
  11. The Folly of the Cross - {PDF Copy} - (God’s Power and Wisdom are found in the proclamation of Christ Crucified, not in displays of power or political might)
  12. Preaching Another Jesus - {PDF Copy} - (Is Jesus still the Messiah who died on Calvary to save the world, or has he become a roaring Lion hellbent on taking vengeance on his enemies?)
  13. Mysteries Revealed - {PDF Copy} - (God’s mysteries are unveiled in Jesus, especially in his Death and Resurrection. Are we looking for revelation in the right places?)

Ebey's Landing, Coupeville, Whidbey Island
[Ebey's Landing, Coupeville, Whidbey Island]