This site is A teaching ministry of the Disciples Global NetworkIt is a collection of my more personal observations and predictions about the contemporary church, and my reflections on my spiritual journey over the years. I hope you may benefit from my experiences and insights, both the good and the bad.

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My name is David Maas. I write and teach on biblical topics. I am educated in the history, languages, and transmission of the Bible. Over the years, I have come to focus on passages that deal with the "last days" and the end of the age.

I have been a student of Scripture since shortly after my conversion in 1971. Currently,  I reside in the city of Gardnerville in the state of Nevada. Originally, I came from Seattle, Washington.

All my posts are provided free of charge. None are copyrighted. Please feel free to copy, reuse, or distribute any of them or portions thereof as you see fit. If you have any comments or are interested in supporting this work, please email me at bear7755@gmail.com, or, david@disciplesglobal.org.

~ David R. Maas, June 2022.

Lake Tahoe Dusk - Photo by Gordon Mak on Unsplash
[Lake Tahoe Photo by Gordon Mak on Unsplash]