Sunday, October 8, 2023

Apostasy and Misdirection

The New Testament warns repeatedly of coming apostasy and deceivers. This warning is to the Assembly, the Church, the Body of Christ comprised of followers of Jesus who are filled with God's Spirit. The warning is to the true church, NOT to any other group, people, organization, society, government, or culture. Satan is working to destroy the Body of Christ, using his human agents to deceive and cause as many believers as possible to apostatize.

Alas, Satan is very clever. He plots and schemes to exploit even scriptural truth to distract and otherwise fool us. He sends his false prophets and faux apostles to warn the Church of the approaching apostasy, only with a clear twist to it. His lying agents do not want us to exercise our abilities and discern whether they are false prophets or see the deception that already is in our midst.

Showman - Photo by Kyle Smith on Unsplash
[Photo by Kyle Smith on Unsplash]

Instead, the Devil's charlatans and grifters point us to things and persons outside the Church. Instead of rooting out the deceivers who have infiltrated the Church, prophetic pretenders tell us to “beware of the politician, the cultural leader, the non-Christian religious leader, the Woke Ideologist,” etc.!

Rather than actual apostasy or the presence of false prophets in the leadership of the Church, false teachers point to the moral collapse of the surrounding PAGAN society as the fulfillment of the biblical warning about apostasy. This is MISDIRECTION. It is a lie, a trap.

Society may be declining morally but that is NOT apostasy. A culture under the dominion of sin and Satan cannot depart from a faith that it NEVER held, and it cannot abandon the true God with Whom it NEVER walked. The only Christian nation” on the Earth is the Kingdom of God, period, end of discussion. All other nations and civilizations are part of the fallen world order that is passing away.

The Devil is out to destroy the Church, and it is always most effective to do so from within with clever lies and distractions. He misleads us so that we take our eyes off the ball and spend our time on other things - social reformation, engaging the culture, partisan politics, and other forms of perishing meat.

No existing nation, culture, political ideology, or form of government will survive the arrival of Jesus when he gathers all nations for judgment. They will all perish from the Earth. If you invest your resources in the ways and institutions of this world rather than His Kingdom, you find yourself holding a very empty eternal bag on the day when it truly counts.

We are engaged in an existential war, one that is not about saving democracy, Western Civilization or America, taking over the seven mountains of culture, or recovering some supposed societal ideal from the past that never existed in the first place.

Country Road - Photo by Johannes Plenio on Unsplash
[Photo by Johannes Plenio on Unsplash]

The mission assigned to us by Jesus is to save the world, and
ONLY the Church empowered by God's Spirit and preaching his Gospel can accomplish that. His disciple does so when he walks the same cruciform path that Jesus did. It is by our daily taking up the Cross and preaching the same Gospel that he did that we would advance his Kingdom across the Planet.

Those believers who are watching for apostasy and deception outside the Church will be among the first who are overtaken by false teachings and apostasy operating within the Body of Christ. Do not be fooled by the misdirection being peddled by today’s faux prophets, deceitful apostles, and political activists who have fooled and thereby conquered far too many believers already with their damnable lies.

  • Goal of the Church - (Jesus has tasked his disciples with proclaiming the Good News of GOD’s Kingdom in and to every nation on the Earth)
  • The Danger Within - (The Greatest threat to the church of Jesus is posed by the deceivers who propagate false doctrines and misleading information in the church)
  • What Satan Fears - (What threatens the Devil’s plans is a church conformed to the Cross of Christ that trembles at God’s word)